Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Even more pictures

Considering that the course took place in Florence, I believe it would be best for me to show a picture or two from that city.

The first picture here was taken early on in the trip, during our first full day in Florence. We went up to San Miniato, which I believe is the highest point in Florence. Going up to San Miniato gave us some breathtaking views of the entire city, only adding to our desire to explore it so early on in our course.

The Duomo—the main cathedral in Florence—easily stands out when you look over Florence from that point (which is why the Duomo often served as a point in the city we would look for in order to find our way back to the hotel). It can easily be identified by its dome and sheer size when compared to the rest of Florence:

Next, I think I'll show a picture of one place in Italy that I'm sure everyone knows about—Pisa! The leaning tower in Pisa seems surreal when you first lay eyes on it, and seems like it should topple over. Fortunately the tower is supported enough that it shouldn't fall and it's been opened up to visitors again, meaning you could climb to the top of it if you wished to. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to scale the tower, but I was able to take a picture of it: